REPORTER/SCOPIST PAYMENT AGREEMENT Before submitting any pages for editing, please complete and submit this Reporters Preference Sheet and Payment Agreement. Upon submittal, you are agreeing to the following: 1.) I have read, understand, and agree to the page rates and turnaround times as expressed on the attached Rate Sheet; 2.) If for any reason payment might be delayed beyond 10 working days of receipt of original invoice, I will discuss and come to an agreement with Darice Russell on how the situation should be handled. Barring this, bills will be paid at agreed-upon rates and within the established due date parameters; 3.) If my bill is over 30 days past due, I agree to pay a $25 late fee per month and 1.5% cumulative interest per month on any outstanding amount; 4.) If any amount of Darice Russell’s invoice remains unpaid within 60 days of receipt of original invoice, I agree that I am responsible for all costs associated with Darice Russell’s pursuit of the amount owing, up to and including court fees, fees paid to collection agencies, and any/all other costs associated with forcing payment.
Between dates:
Semicolon before "is that correct?"
Comma before "correct?"
Use ellipses?
When witness responds after colloquy:
Use dollar symbol when money mentioned but word "dollar(s)" not spoken?
Use (indicating) when witness points?
Direct quotation marks (reading from documents)?
Indirect quotation marks (speaking for another)?
Spell out numbers:
Spell out numbers at beginning of sentence?
Word spelling:
Special formatting
Repeated question:
When the witness says, "We left at three."
When witness says, "We left at three o'clock."
Clean up lawyer?
Leave in "strike that?"
Additional Information
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