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Greetings from West Texas!

And thank you for visiting my website. I hope that your visit will answer questions and provide information to assist you in choosing a scopist.

First of all, my history and background:

From March 1990 until June 2011, I was employed with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company/SBC/AT&T. I held a variety of positions, from Business Service Representative to CAD Technical Specialist.

In 2008, the probability of corporate down-sizing became a very real issue and I began looking for a Plan B. I found it in the form of scoping and began applying myself to Linda Evenson's Internet Scoping School (ISS).

Over the following three years, I took the ISS courses, worked full-time at AT&T and also worked part-time on proofreading and scoping.

I completed the ISS courses March 2011, three weeks prior to being advised that corporate down-sizing would be eliminating the CAD Tech position effective June 2011.

Since that time, I have been accepting scoping jobs on a full-time basis and have worked with court reporters across the nation. Being new to the field has provided an excellent opportunity to learn and collaborate; to explore and create and invite others to share the adventure with me.

I am trained on Case CATalyst and maintain a current technical support contract and software updates/upgrades. I love Auto-Indexing! 

As of July 2020, I accepted an outside-the-home full-time job. I am still scoping on the weekends and am delighted to help with overflow work, or when your regular scopist wants to take some time off.

Again, thank you for visiting. Please feel free to complete and submit the attached Reporter Preference Sheet and let's get to work!